What's in an Olympic Class Sailor's kit bag?

The US Sailing Team gives us the low down on their favorite Gill items


Ever wonder what’s in the kit bag of Olympic Class Sailors? We asked and they answered. Read on for some of their new favorites. No matter the weather we’ve got them covered.

“Gill’s product line is diverse and offers options for the wide range of climates we will encounter on the campaign trail.” Maggie Shea, FX

Hans Henken (49er)

Race Firecell Skiff Suit

“The Race FireCell Skiff Suit is not only comfortable and durable, but even in the coldest sailing conditions it keeps me warm without sacrificing my need for movement and mobility.”


Dart Hoodie

“I would recommend the Dart Hoodie as the perfect mid layer jacket. It is the most versatile jacket that I own because it provides the best mix of warmth, breathability and flexibility which allows it to be worn as both an outer layer or insulated layer depending on the conditions.”


Aqua Parka

“The Aqua Parka is so important and key in those extremely cold conditions when you have to be stationary for long periods of time. My Aqua Parka is my go-to to keeping me extra warm and comfortable while I’m waiting between races for the Race I to reset the course or start the next race. Staying warm and conserving energy allows me to stay focused on the task at hand, winning the next race.”


Daniela Moroz (Formula Kite)

Changing Mat & Wet Bag

“I’m loving the changing mat/dry bag for after kiting – keeping all your wet stuff separate from the dry.”


Women’s Knit Fleece

“I love the half zip it’s super warm and comfy especially on cold foggy San Francisco days.


Holcombe Crew

“The recycled material tech tee is amazing it’s so comfy and love the fit.”


Maggie Shea (FX)

Deck Trousers

“These are great for light air and hot weather. The material is flexible and allows me to move around the boat easily. The reinforced knees and bottom help protect my skin from the harsh deck and my trap harness.”


ZenTherm Skiff Suit

“This is a great piece for dinghy sailing. The seams are comfortable and well constructed so the skiff suit keeps me warm while allowing full range of motion. 2. I appreciate how Gill’s wetsuits are designed with the female athlete’s body in mind. As an athletic woman, I have muscles and curves, and it’s so important that my wetsuit allows me to move comfortably around the boat.”


Dry Cylinder Bag

“Gill’s dry bags allow us to keep our gear or valuables dry and out of the elements. Sometimes we sail in venues that don’t have a boathouse or yacht club, so we keep our boat on the beach. The 25L is great to keep our clothing, rigging, tools or food clean!”


Pedro Pascual (iQFoil)

Race FireCell Skiff Suit

“The Race FireCell Skiff Suit is the best wetsuit I have ever worn. The 3.5mm thickness makes it really warm and the top allows for movement, making it the most complete wetsuit for windsurfers of any level.”


ZenLite Skiff Suit

“It is the most comfortable wetsuit I have ever worn. It’s only 2mm in thickness so it keeps you warm when needed but you cannot even feel you’re wearing it!”


Aqua Parka

“The Aqua Parka is exactly what I needed to wait on the coach boat in Between races. It is super warm and long enough so that it keeps my legs warm as well.”