The Ultimate Layering System

Your expert guide to base layers, mid layers, and thermal protection outer layers


Our comprehensive layering guide for marine enthusiasts delves into the essential components of an effective layering system for sailing. From sailing base layers that provide moisture-wicking and thermal regulation, to marine midlayers that offer added insulation, and thermal protection outerlayers designed to shield against harsh elements, this guide covers it all. Explore the intricacies of layering guides for marine environments and equip yourself with the knowledge to stay warm, dry, and prepared on the open water.

The Base Layer

The next to skin base or wicking layer, is designed to move moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and warm after bursts of activity.

The base layer forms the foundations of the whole clothing system, so it is imperative that it’s right.


Men’s Base Layers


Women’s Base Layers


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The Mid Layer

The mid layer is designed to be worn over a base layer and under an outer layer.

Mid layers provide thermal benefits and are highly breathable to assist the movement of moisture to the outer layer. Constructed from fibres that do not absorb water, they dry quickly and keep you warm. Gill has an array of mid layers designed to work in all conditions.


Men’s Mid Layers


Women’s Mid Layers


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The Outer Layer

The waterproof outer layer is your shield from the elements so it needs to be able to perform in the toughest of conditions.

Gill outer layers are totally waterproof, windproof and boast an array of features designed to aid both comfort and performance. You’ll find high levels of breathability in all Gill outer layer garments so that the moist air can escape.


Men’s Waterproof Jackets


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Protect your extremities

Don’t forget to protect your extremities. Check out our range of waterproof
gloves, hat or beanie, and warm socks. Consider adding a neck gaiter for extra warmth like the
Polarclava or OS Thermal Neck Gaiter.