About Gill


Trusted on the water for more than 40 years Gill did not start as a brand or business, it started as a solution to find better more capable sailing clothing using the best fabrics possible. Combined with innovative design to increase performance and tested on elite athletes in the most challenging of conditions  it means you can rely on Gill on or off the water – only you limit how you use our products

"When I first started sailing, we had no sailing gear, we used to go sailing in t-shirts, shorts and canvas shoes and we never went out on the water in winter, we just couldn't. I was passionate about sailing so I decided to write a business plan for a sailing product company, I first put that plan into action in 1975 in the corner of my Fathers textile factory in Long Eaton, Nottingham. Back then we had a space just 10 meters squared but it worked - we were flexible and creative and always had the end user in mind as we developed new sailing product. That business ethos is what has led to the successful business and brand we have today and why so many sailors and outdoor enthusiasts trust and rely on our products."
- Nick Gill.