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For those facing the harshest conditions, the OS1 system is your armour against the unpredictable. Engineered to withstand the rigors of the open ocean, this pinnacle of technical apparel ensures you stay dry, warm, and focused, regardless of the conditions.


Constructed with XPLORE+® 3-layer fabric. This advanced material ensures a fully waterproof and breathable barrier, keeping you shielded from the harshest elements while allowing your body to breathe. No compromise, just exceptional protection.

Rigorously tested to a 35,000mm column of water on the Hydrostatic Head, the OS1 fabric not only meets but exceeds waterproof standards. It emerges unscathed, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions you face.

But the OS1 fabric doesn't stop there; it goes through an exhaustive 8-hour Martindale test, a true testament to its robust nature. Subjected to continuous abrasion with grit paper, the fabric remains resolute, demonstrating an ability to withstand wear and tear that few can match. This level of testing provides you with the confidence that the OS1 system is ready for anything you throw at it.