Staying safe when out on the water is a hugely important thing. But to perform effectively when sailing, you also need to be wearing suitable apparel.

Being dressed in comfortable, flexible sailing apparel can help you stay protected, warm and dry, while also able to do all the things that you need to when sailing.

The FireCell range from Gill is designed to provide flexible, adaptable, comfortable competitive sports clothing that can stand up to the elements in even the toughest circumstances.

The FireCell range contains garments made with neoprene and our special FireCell technology. This offers thermal support by trapping air in the FireCell material’s thermal pockets.

All FireCell products feature areas with extra insulation for added protection, while the materials are stretchy and flexible, providing incredible levels of comfort and maneuverability.

Whether you are looking for sailing wetsuits or race tops, the FireCell range can meet your requirements with ease. 

Be sure to browse through the full FireCell range, as well as the various other systems we have available at Gill. These include the Race Ocean, Race Fusion and ZenTherm ranges.

Find your next great piece of waterproof sailing clothing at Gill today.