OS1 Range

The new OS1 range of jackets and trousers is re-engineered to show no compromise against an extreme offshore environment. A 4-layer fabric with a re-imagined outer shell has resulted in the most durable waterproof garment we've ever made.
Stronger. Lighter. More manoeuvrable. It's the ultimate offshore defence.

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  1. GRA01

    OS1 Jacket

    Utilising a new shell fabric specifically engineered by our technicians to survive the rigours of open ocean conditions, the Men's OS1 Jacket is now lighter and more manoeuvrable.
    5 995,00 kr
  2. RED01

    OS1 Women's Jacket

    With a female specific fit, the Women's OS1 Jacket is a durable, waterproof, breathable and fully-taped defence against the cold ocean environment. The new shell fabric is lighter and more manoeuvrable.
    5 995,00 kr
  3. GRA01

    OS1 Trousers

    High performance, durably waterproof and breathable 4-layer fabric help make the Men's OS1 Trousers part of the ultimate offshore defence.
    4 495,00 kr
  4. GRA01

    OS1 Women's Trousers

    The Women's OS1 Trouser provides tough protection against both with durable waterproof fabrics and reinforced contact points, and a convenient drop-seat function.
    4 495,00 kr
  5. GRA01

    Crosswind Jacket

    A windproof and waterproof jacket in durable fabric that offers zoned insulation and quick drying. Ideal for cold and wet conditions, with multiple zipped pockets for convenience.
    2 495,00 kr
  6. GRA01

    Crosswind Salopettes

    These sleeveless salopettes keep out the wind, cold and rain with their laminated fabric and insulation panels. A stretch shoulder panel and reinforced zones add comfortable movement and protection.
    2 495,00 kr
  7. GRA01

    Performance Breathable Boot

    A fully waterproof and breathable sailing boot built to meet the exacting needs of Ocean sailors.
    3 695,00 kr

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