Mawgan Trainer (2019)

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    With a dual-density, non-marking and slip resistant sole, the new Mawgan Trainer provides a dependable grip in all conditions. The Air-cell impact absorbing, removable insoles mean you'll get around quickly and safely with maximum comfort. Designed to be worn in wet conditions, they feature water expulsion channels, ideal for on-board athletes and anyone wanting a comfortable, free draining sneaker to wear on deck.

    Remove salt and grit by washing under a tap or hose with fresh water. The outside of the boots can be cleaned with a warm non-detergent soap solution and rinsed thoroughly. You can also clean the inside of the boot with fresh water and a non-detergent soap. Wipe well to remove excess water inside and out. Allow to dry naturally away from a direct heat source. You can improve the drying time by placing screwed up newspaper inside the boots. For best results dry for at least 48 hours.

    Non-marking and slip resistant outsole. Highly breathable. Air-cell impact absorbing and removable insole. Dual-density outsole. Low profile tread pattern with water expulsion channels for use in wet weather. Heat moulded toe and heel protection.

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