Gill Wash-in Cleaner A002

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    Developed for use on all Gill waterproof, windproof and wicking fabrics. Concentrated formula means that it can be used in a washing machine or by hand washing. Contains liquid Silver which is proven to kill bacteria and therefore prevent unpleasant odours.

    Restores and rejuvenates your Gill garments to their original finish. The range also includes an Intensive Spot Cleaner and Reproofing Spray. Developed and tested specifically for use on marine garments.

    Contains liquid Silver. Kills bacteria and therefore prevents unpleasant odours.

    All natural ingredients. 6 washes per bottle. Use 1 full cap per wash. Size: 300ml Rinse through drum of washing machine first-hand to remove any household detergents which could interfere with the natural ingredients of the cleaner.

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