Few know the feeling. The exhilaration of extreme sailing. The adrenaline rush. The desire to win. The elements make everything unpredictable but in the right kit anything is possible. The all new Firecell air technology is designed to provide high impact, zoned warmth and comfort for extreme conditions on the water.

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  1. BLK01

    Race Synchro PFD Buoyancy Aid

    Close fitting nylon PFD designed for maximum comfort alongside safety. A must-have piece in any racing sailor’s wardrobe.
  2. BLK01

    Edge Boots

    Warm neoprene fabric with wrap-around, reinforced sole for agility and watertight seams for comfort during high activity racing.
  3. GRA01

    Race Team Bag 30L

    A waterproof, puncture resistant bag with watertight seams, offering plenty of storage space whilst racing on the water.
  4. GRA01

    Race Team Backpack 35L

    Waterproof and stylish, with a selection of compartments to keep your essentials dry and protected whilst boating.

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